Silvia Prina

Research Interests

Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics

  • Financial Inclusion
  • Health

Curriculum Vitae


Saving Accounts' Interplay with Network-based Financial Arrangements: Evidence from a Field Experiment
with Margherita Comola
Economic Journal, 2023, 133(649): 516-535.

COVID-19 Movement Restrictions and Domestic Violence: Evidence from the U.S.
with Bilge Erten and Pinar Keskin
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Treatment Effect Accounting for Network Changes
with Margherita Comola
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Migration, Money Transfers and Mobile Money: Evidence from Niger
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Do Health Risk Assessments Change Eating Habits at the Workplace?
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Incentives and Unintended Consequences: Spillover Effects in Food Choice
with Manuela Angelucci, Heather Royer, and Anya Samek
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CCTs and Financial Access: Increasing the Bang for Each Transferred Buck?
with Carlos Chiapa
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The Effect of Saving on Risk Attitudes and Intertemporal Choices
with Leandro Carvalho and Justin Sydnor
Journal of Development Economics, 2016, 120(5): 41-52.

Delivering Conditional Cash Transfers via Savings Accounts
IPC-UNDP One Pager, 2015, 292. ISSN: 2318-9118.

Banking the Poor via Savings Accounts: Evidence from a Field Experiment
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Effects of Border Price Changes on Agricultural Wages and Employment in Mexico
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A Theory of Occupational Choice Endogenous Fertility
with Dilip Mookherjee and Debraj Ray
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Working Papers

Digital Credit, Learning, and the Value of Credit Bureaus
with Alfredo Burlando and Mike Kuhn
conditional acceptance, Oxford Review of Economic Policy

Transitory Income Changes and Consumption Smoothing: Evidence from Mexico
with Manuela Angelucci, Carlos Chiapa, and Irvin Rojas
resubmitted, Journal of Public Economics

Public Opinion, Racial Bias, and Labor Market Outcomes
with Kaveh Majlesi and Paul Sullivan
revise and resubmit, Nature Human Behavior

Can a Budget-Recording Tool Teach Financial Skills to Youth? Evidence from a Financial Diaries Study
with Veronica Frisancho and Alejandro Herrera
revise and resubmit, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

C-Sections, Obesity, and Health-Care Specialization: Evidence from Mexico
with Catalina Herrera-Almanza and Fernanda Marquez-Padilla
revise and resubmit, World Bank Economic Review

Too Fast Too Furious? Digital Credit Speed and Repayment Rates
with Alfredo Burlando and Michael Khun, under review
Media coverage: VoxDev

Government Shutdown and SNAP Disbursements: Effects on Household Expenditures
with Mindy Marks and Roy Gernhardt, under review

Replication and Adaptation of Peer Messaging from Tuberculosis in India to COVID-19 in Zambia
with Alfredo Burlando, Pradeep Chintagunta, Jessica Goldberg, Melissa Graboyes, Dean Karlan, and Mario Macis, under review

Work in Progress

A Second Chance at Financial Inclusion: The Impact of Repayment Plans and Incentives on Delinquent Digital Credit Borrowers
with Alfredo Burlando and Mike Kuhn

Long-Term Effects of Financial Education on Youth Financial Behavior: Evidence from Financial Diaries
with Veronica Frisancho and Alejandro Herrera

Milking It for All It's Worth: Digital Credit and Payments in the Dairy Sector
with Alfredo Burlando and Jessica Goldberg

Incentives and Participation in Health Risk Assessments: Money Matters, But More Is Not Always Better
with Mariana Carrera